Benefits of Complete Skin Repair as said by clients!

Targhee Botanicals Complete Skin Repair has changed my life.  I had acne problems and dry spots due to a hormone imbalance and this amazing skin repair healed my face without all the harsh chemicals found in many other products. I'm very allergic to so many of those chemicals, I even chose not to use anything at all for years. Then Lindsy introduced her lovely product that smells amazing, and I couldn't be happier. Then I found I could use it for many other problems, not only scrapes and cuts, bug bites and even bug repellent too. I highly recommend this product to everyone I know.

- Becca

"I use Complete Skin Repair when I get cut at work, it works better than Neosporin."

- Luke

"Targhee Botanicals Complete Skin Repair has helped my skin so much! It has helped me rid my adult acne, oily skin, and diminished my old acne scars! I absolutely love it!😍" 

- Ale

"It’s already fading a dark spot (liver detox likely) that I’ve been self conscious about. I really love it! Thanks so much for being an alchemist!"

- Kira

"I got bit by a hobo spider. The doctor told me I may need to cut a portion of my leg muscle off. I refused and kept using only Complete Skin Repair, a week later when I went back to the doctor there was almost no sign of the bite. The doctor was baffled and I didn’t need surgery."

- Deven

"I have to comment again on the effectiveness of your Complete Skin Repair. My hands were very dry, I mean they would catch on everything. Around my nails was dry and cracked, more bothersome than unsightly to me. After 3 days my skin looks and feel nourished. The dryness is gone. Thank you for this GREAT product! I'll be ordering more!"

- Dawn

"I began using this product at a show when I unexpectedly got bit by a mosquito. I am very allergic to mosquitos. The swelling came on quick but Complete Skin Repair reduced the swelling and quickened the healing process. After I used this product mosquitos quit bugging me and now I use it every time I go out as a very effective mosquito repellent." 


"I have been using Complete Skin Repair for a few months now. My absolute favorite thing about this product is that you can use it on your face, body, & lips. Pretty much everywhere. It’s so soothing too when you put it on. I look forward to using it daily. I’ve used it on my children, and my husband uses it too! Highly recommend this product!"

- Lechelle

"I use Complete Skin Repair everyday. It is now the only moisturizer that I use! I notice that my skin is softer than it has been in years! I love it!"

- Judy

"I love this product! Already 2 bottles down, I might need an intervention soon!"

- Kathie