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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I’m writing to you from a winter wonderland and some very crisp mountain air. Watching the snow from out of my window is a spectacular sight. The snowflakes dance in the air and lightly dust the ground. When it powders down you can see streaks of white reflecting in the light racing to land. In fact, I’ve never seen prettier sights. The snow is this powdery luxury that just stays fluffy. The mountain stays fresh with snow through the prime of the cold season - Which happens to start in fall here. Full on winter gear is a must if you're going to hit the mountain. Which by itself is a sight of lifetime, let alone the fun to be had sliding around with skis, snowboards and snowmobiles. It is freezing and dry out. Skin care is self care in this gorgeous, but sometimes abrasive climate. We all know how weather can “weather” the skin. 

There is an amazing quality of warmth you can find at home when the seasons darken into wintertime stillness. The coziest fragrances and delicious recipes bring home the spirit of winter. We all know this time of year in Northern climates - The holiday season is upon us. There is about to be a big turkey, cranberry sauce, yams and marshmallows on the dining room table. My favorite part of any and all of the holidays are the sounds of family talking in every room - There is a vibe to good conversation and family time. The feeling when everyone hasn't seen eachother in awhile and jokes are everywhere. This year I stumbled upon the most amazing recipe, but it’s not of the food variety. This recipe will help us all weather the storm - and 2020 has been a storm. This recipe will repair the scars of the past and protect from the harm of the future. That sounds dramatic but this formula is golden. I personally can say that I’m not interested in using any other moisturizer or skin repair serums. This is all the benefits with zero detriments. Trees & Bees lead the way on this one you guys. It's all botanical and of course organic-al. We call it Complete Skin Repair by Targhee Botanicals. 

I could go on about all the benefits for days but really I just want you to try it. For the holiday season I’m doing a bit of a seasonal gift package deal. If you want to have amazing stocking stuffers this year, I can help you out with beautiful holiday cards. These are handmade and are not sold anywhere else. Produced by Iris Studio Originals with high quality silver foil prints. If you buy 20 tubes of the Complete Skin Repair I will send you a 5 pack of these beautiful cards. A gem to have any time of year. I chose the symbol of the Tiger to represent the courage it takes to be your true self and to speak your mind freely in this day and age. I chose it for the courage it takes to never be a victim because that only gives our power away. The tiger represents what it means to stand tall in yourself and our humanity. May that be the blessing for all. 

Thanks for tuning in

- Lindsy Carmen


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