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Plants and Planets Aries 2021

Today marks the first day of Spring! Have you begun sowing seeds? Depending on your region it may be possible to plant in the ground. Here in Teton valley it is currently a mild blizzard out so I am beginning with seeds indoors! I am definitely ready for the season change and some quickening of events and possibilities! Today is the end of pisces season and the beginning of a new zodiac year! Are you ready for Aries season? Aries are known as the pioneer of the zodiac. They brave new adventures as a part of their lifestyle. They carve new paths by their sheer will of bold ambitions. With Aries, there is no waiting for others or relying on permission. They stake their claim and make it true. There are still ample planets moving through Pisces at this time giving it a softer beginning to the aries season. Pisces will brave the unknown based on intuitive feelings so this may be a time that risks are made in the spirit of intuition, faith and pioneering.

Aries is an astrological sign ruled by the planet Mars. Two warrior botanicals that are associated with Mars are Dragons Blood and Frankincense. Both of these amazing tree resins are featured in our Complete Skin Repair formula. They have life enhancing results for the skin and other purposes. Our skin absorbs everything that we put onto it like a sponge, so it is very important that each ingredient is high quality and beneficial for the entire body!

Dragon’s Blood is also known as Croton Lechleri and is a bright red resin or sap dominantly found in South America. The benefits of this superpower tree resin include healing various skin conditions, gastrointestinal ailments, digestive and respiratory disorders. There are many health benefits for the skin including aiding with cuts, stings, abrasions, sores, wounds and skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Dragon’s blood is widely used on infectious skin because it has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-viral properties. It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds of various kinds. These compounds help protect the cells of the skin and reduce redness and swelling. Dragons Blood is referred to as “facelift in a bottle” because of its anti-aging qualities as well! It contains proanthocyanidins which repair and rebuild collagen in the skin. It also contains taspine which is a known tissue healing agent.

Frankincense is an ancient disinfectant. It is a sacred tree that has been known since biblical times. It represents purity on many levels. In the spirit realm it is known to banish demons. It is a powerful tree resin for skin repair and many other purposes as well. It is known to benefit the skin with antimicrobial properties. It is an antiseptic, disinfectant and a known astringent, helping pores tighten. Frankincense oil works on a very deep level within the skin helping eliminate sun spots, remove micro-wrinkles, and overall tones and tightens the skin. It also increases skin cell regeneration. Frankincense is known to reduce scars and marks from boils, acne, stretchmarks and surgery scars. This tree resin is powerful enough to help heal boils, infected wounds, acne, circulatory problems, various types of inflammation and even insomnia. The smell of this amazing resin also helps relieve stress. It is spiritually known to repel negativity.

Both of these powerful tree resins have been used since ancient times and are profoundly healing on both physical and spiritual levels. When a Dragons Blood tree is cut it drips sap that looks like blood. When Frankincense is burned it disinfects the air. Both are powerful allies to clear what is within and without. Spring is a time for clearing and cleaning. It may be a great time to explore these two botanicals! Of course I recommend healing your skin with Targhee Botanicals Complete Skin Repair which contains both of these warrior trees!

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